Performance is a Feature… Even for IT


Recently Jeff Atwood over at coding horror wrote a great blog about how performance is a feature. I not only completely agree with him but I also wanted to point out that performance for back office services are also things that just need to happen.

Often the internal IT staff forget that they are providing a service to customers. These customers are internal which in the past have given these IT teams a great monopoly over providing service. That is already starting to change and the IT group that had the monopoly are fighting tooth and nail to keep their services an offering with their group.

One of these key features is performance.

Not only do you need to provide network and desktop performance but also you need to think about performance at the business level. Business performance and agility are more around the line of business applications that are being supported and also the projects currently in scope at the organizational level. The IT organization needs to perform at the level of business and needs to be less of the road block and more of the enabler for these things.

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