Once You Click Send the Internet Owns Your Data


With graduation happening for many people right now I often wonder what they have learned in High School and College. We often see the daily emails forwarded on or the twitter/Facebook feeds that get sent to us because of the funny or embarrassing nature. These usually are from people who don’t fully understand the power of the internet and what it can do to their lives.

Today I was alerted to another internet sensation here where you often wonder if this was “real” or not. Either way this person will become an internet sensation and for the rest of their life will have this documented in their digital resume as right now the internet keeps pretty much everything!

So you would think that eventually the Internet would stop saving these little precious nuggets of content but what really happens is that with the onset of data expansion happening at 10x the rate predicted companies are now just adjusting to the fact that growth happens and we should allocate for keeping things. At the company I work for we have been on an amazing growth pattern where every year we have more than doubled our storage capacity to handle all the data being ran on our platform. This really seems impossible to keep up with but at this time we don’t see it slowing down anytime soon.

Bottom line… with graduation right around the corner I have one piece of really good advice for them: Before you post the video, comment, or picture that you think could be really funny or will go to only a select group please think about what it would be like applying for a job when you are 35 and they ask about it in the interview….

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