Docula: Persistent Links and Styles!

Docula: Persistent Links and Styles!


In our last update, we simplified the modules down to two (docula-ui, and docula-core) and also added In-Memory data stores as the default. Now with this latest update, we made it so that you can do persistent linking and customize the interface it very easily.

Persistent Linking

There are many times a document can move around in a GitHub repository, but you want to keep to an URL that works. Check out how to do it here!

Styling! Let’s Get Started

The first step is to see how we did this. Since we use GitHub for our knowledge base repository, it made sense to extend the configuration for skinning there. Here is what the Fons repository looks like with the style.css and navigation.html file in the root.

The configuration for your docula-ui is easy to do the config. You will want to add in the style.css path and navigation.html path. Also, if you have a customized logo, you can do that. Here is an example that we use for Fons.

Docula.install(app, '/help', {git: '',pageTitle: 'Fons',logo: '',redis: redisConfig(),elasticsearch: elasticConfig(),topNavigation: 'navigation.html',cssTheme: 'theme.scss'});

Yep, its as simple as that and you can see the style.css and navigation.html examples here:

Happy Styling!

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