Time Management for Founders


Time management and task prioritization are ongoing struggles for many of the founders and entrepreneurs I know. Sure, there are many great articles and books out there to help you with these issues, but they tend to focus on corporate living and not the struggles of founding a company and working as an entrepreneur.

You will experience extreme highs and extreme lows as a founder. It’s an immensely difficult time and there are never enough hours in the day. Task prioritization takes on a whole new meaning and so many founders seem to parrot the same phrase: “every task is a top priority”.

That, quite simply, is not the case. Prioritization is a must for any founder or entrepreneur to succeed and survive without burning out. Here are some basic concepts that actually work:


Using GitHub Projects


The Fons team decided to use GitHub Projects to organize and prioritize its work — and I just wanted to share some of our experiences with you.

To give you some background, Fons is an application that enables independent music teachers, tutors, coaches, and others to run their business easily. They can schedule lessons and bill clients directly. It gets rid of all that time-consuming admin.

Our team is small, but we are starting to add more people as Fons scales up. At the moment, we have more than five services running in the backend, and about a dozen or so repositories making up our application.


Work / Life Balance for Founders


I read an article recently about a high powered CEO who quit his job in light of a letter from his daughter that highlighted 22 milestones he had missed.

This brought a few thoughts to the foreground for me. How can you balance the ambition and drive of being a founder and still have a fulfilling work/life balance? I still remember the long hours I spent building Tier 3 and, even worse, the heated moments when I snapped at my wife saying: “I’m building a company here!” trying to justify the crazy schedules and missed family engagements.

A founder’s job is a constant juggling act and, to be perfectly honest, the workload and pressures of setting up a company are recurring themes throughout my working life. I am a very driven individual and often push everything out of the way to focus on the end goal.