Introducing Ecto - A modern template consolidation javascript library for EJS, Handlebars, Markdown, Pug, and more!


Template engines have long been used to simplify code and to use static template files in an application. With template engines, you can easily feed data into variables and compile them into HTML.

Ecto is a modern template consolidation engine that works with top template engines like EJS, Markdown, Pug, Nunjucks, Mustache, Handlebars, and Liquid. It consolidates all these template engines to a single library, allowing you to use any of these with ease. With capabilities like Automatic Engine Selection, easy-to-use API, zero-configuration needs, and regular updates, you can rest assured that Ecto works as expected for all your templating needs.

There are a huge number of template engines being created every day, and most of them are all over the place. Some of these engines have limited type definitions and are not maintained making them unpopular. On drilling down further, we found that the following engines are the most popular ones which handle a vast majority of cases.