Get Your Kids to Start Coding


Coding is cool. Getting your kids to code is even cooler and will help them long term in our technology driven world.

Out of the blue my eight year old son asked me if he could start building his own web site and learn to code. I realized this is going to be a big trend because kids want to create things. This is also being fueled more by programs like

After doing the typical search I started to realize that this is still a evolving market with no real leader in the space. I started to ask for some recommendations today and received some responses that people were looking also.


Is Judgement the Number One Trait for a Great Developer?


Great blog post from Tammer Saleh on the number one trait for a developer:

The only thing I would wonder about here is that the definition of a rock star is usually their experience + their ability. Without judgement I doubt you would have a rock star as experience comes from having good judgement and making the right decision. Ability uses judgment to figure out really what should be learned and focused on.

Here are some of the traits that I always look for in a developer to define them as a rock star:


Moving to Three Languages


I’ve made the move to just three languages: JavaScript/Node, .NET / C#, and Go. In an age where new coding languages pop up more often than a Windows update, you may question my sanity with this move.

Let me explain why I’ve moved to using only three coding languages.

You probably know that the traditional college track is to learn multiple languages — individuals with computer science degrees are usually trained in at least half a dozen languages by graduation. But is there any value in multilingual coding when you move out of the theoretical world of the classroom and into the real world and workplace?