Jared Wray is an early cloud pioneer and a visionary entrepreneur with a passion for building platforms and robotics.

As founder and CTO of Tier 3, Wray created the Tier 3 cloud and built it into an industry-recognized cloud innovation and performance leader. CenturyLink acquired Tier 3 in 2013 to form the foundation of CenturyLink Cloud

At CenturyLink, Wray reinvigorated the engineering core to create a future-proofed platform and engine. The team's’ velocity doubled under Wray’s leadership and this velocity outpaced 75% of the Gartner MQ in new services and features.

Focusing on building teams at scale, Wray introduced an agile / lean manufacturing process over the standard waterfall process. This reduced the company’s average ship time from 18 months to just 21 days or less. This process was integrated into the engineering core for all hosting / cloud products at CenturyLink and has supported substantial growth as the company scaled from six core teams on the cloud to more than 30+ teams.

A serial entrepreneur and advocate for founders, Wray builds and invests in companies. He works hard to enable companies and further the tech industry. Wray is an advisor and investor to companies including Fons.




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