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Jared Wray is an early cloud pioneer and a visionary entrepreneur with a passion for building platforms and robotics.

As founder and CTO of Tier 3, Wray created the Tier 3 cloud and built it into an industry-recognized cloud innovation and performance leader. CenturyLink acquired Tier 3 in 2013 to form the foundation ofCenturyLink Cloud.

At CenturyLink, Wray reinvigorated the engineering core to create a future-proofed platform and engine. The team's’ velocity doubled under Wray’s leadership and this velocity outpaced 75% of the Gartner MQ in new services and features.

Focusing on building teams at scale, Wray introduced an agile / lean manufacturing process over the standard waterfall process. This reduced the company’s average ship time from 18 months to just 21 days or less. This process was integrated into the engineering core for all hosting / cloud products at CenturyLink and has supported substantial growth as the company scaled from six core teams on the cloud to more than 30+ teams.

A serial entrepreneur and advocate for founders, Wray builds and invests in companies. He works hard to enable companies and further the tech industry. Wray is an advisor and investor to companies andFons.




Cloud tech vet Jared Wray launches Fons, a software startup for music teachers and private instructors

  • 2/2/2017
  • |
  • Geekwire

Sometimes you choose your next career move and sometimes it chooses you. Longtime cloud exec Jared Wray’s next venture falls into that second category. He’d just left CenturyLink, two years after the telecom giant acquired his cloud computing startup Tier 3 and he was listening to his old friend, Eric Branner complain about the lack of effective software tools for running his guitar lesson business.

Wray Reshaping CenturyLink Cloud Operation

  • 6/12/2015
  • |
  • Light Reading

In the two months Wray has been running the broader organization, the cloud pioneer has implemented dramatic changes in how work is done and expects to double the output of his assembled team as a result.

Nextcast Q&A: Tier 3 co-founder Jared Wray on the future of cloud computing

  • 8/18/2013
  • |
  • Geekwire

How did Wray become an entrepreneur? He says: It came from being broke. Growing up in a family that struggled to make ends meet, Wray got used to the idea that you have to work hard to make something happen. And that lesson stuck, he says. Innovation and the will to make something happen.

CenturyLink loses two executives in shakeup at cloud unit

  • 11/30/2015
  • |
  • Geekwire

The departure of senior vice president of platform and application framework development Jared Wray and vice president of platform strategy and business development Jonathan King, first noted by Fortune, comes less than a year after Andrew Higginbotham left the company. Higginbotham and King led the purchase of Wray’s Tier 3, which helped CenturyLink build its cloud platform.

How CenturyLink improved its productivity through DevOps, banning meetings and calls

  • 11/18/2014
  • |
  • EnterpriseAppsTech

We collapsed our teams,” he explains. “Instead of having operations in a whole other silo in a different organisation, and having our developers in another one and they never talk...we actually have product teams now, and product teams support the entire service.

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